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Become Proactive Before the Storm

Become proactive before your hunger reaches starvation mode and throws you off of your beautification progress. Binges seem to happen during times of anxiety and tiredness creating the perfect storm for weakness in our resolution.


  • Tip # 1 Keep a food journal to examine the time frames in which your hunger becomes hard to control. ¬†Managing this storm time before it happens is crucial to our success.


My biggest temptation time seems to be on my way home from work, around 5 pm, according to my journal. This is when I notice I am tired and stressed and just want comfort food and an easy to prepare or take out dinner.  Sometimes my impulse control is out the window and quick purchase of a pizza or other unhealthy dinner overrides all of my reasoning and judgement.


A preemptive strike can be helpful to help you steer clear of food obstacles that are not helpful to your beautification plan.

Take away Tips

  • Drink a large glass of water before the storm is on the horizon.
  • Have your meals planned, especially for storm time. A beautifying meal will help you feel satiated and it will also help you feel in control and on the path to beautification.
  • Slow down and reflect on positivity to calm your nerves.
  • Breathe
  • Focus on beautification goals or another healthful activity.

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