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2018 #Goals

I love a new year.  There is nothing better than wiping the slate clean, starting over and most importantly forgiving yourself for those past overindulgents of the previous year.

  1.  This year my #1 goal is to really put more emphasis on relationships and being a better friend, companion and lover to this wonderful planet and it’s creatures.  I hate to get all new age hippie on you but that is how I feel.  My glass is not just half full but my glass is running over with my love of life and all that this existence has to offer. If you just open up your eyes and look around there is so much beauty to discover in the world.
  2.  Get really serious about my ketogenic diet plan.  I fell off over the holidays with me being human and having weaknesses.  Hey but that is okay.  We can pick ourselves up and dust off the bread crumbs and get right back on track.  I know this the low carbohydrate way of eating is not for everyone, especially the skinnies amongst us, however it just works for me and my genetics (very) apparently.
  3. Get back to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with no excuses….which include the big one this time of year: it’s too cold, no it’s not put on a coat.
  4. Run a 5K.  Not just walk a 5K but run the whole 9 yards, 5,468 yards actually. Yeah, not just run, walk, pause, huff and run again type of running.   Note to self and everyone here: Couch to 5K begins (again) today.
  5. Living the fitfrugalandfabulous.com way, one day at a time.

Lofty Goals are best.

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